Your tax refund could be just the incentive you need to start some home improvement projects. Whether you are planning to sell your house, or you plan to stay for awhile, there are many home improvement projects that can add to your home’s appearance and value. Consider the following ideas that come in well under the average $3000 tax refund amount, making a home improvement the best investment for your tax refund:

 Replace your kitchen countertops. The highest traffic area of the home, the kitchen experiences a lot of wear and tear. It’s also the room that can become outdated the quickest. You can upgrade, even if you just start with the island or perimeter surfaces. Granite is a popular choice among homeowners, although similarly priced concrete and quartz-composite surfaces are growing in popularity.

 Add new flooring to the bathroom. Next to kitchens, bathrooms are the most-remodeled room in the home. If your budget doesn’t allow for an entire bathroom makeover, then start with the flooring. Consider changing to low-maintenance ceramic tile, which offers many colors and design choices.

 Landscape. Whether you’re looking for adding a few well-placed shrubs or a flower garden, landscaping experts can advise on design and layout plans, drainage systems, lighting, and plant types. You can also give a face-left to your sidewalk, driveway, fence, or retaining wall

 Paint your interior. A fresh coat of paint can make the biggest difference to a room or an entire home. Either refresh the paint that’s already on your walls, or consider different colors and textures.

 Install a new vanity or sink. There are numerous design options for bathroom basins and vanities today. This upgrade can modernize your entire bathroom. You can choose a vanity with built-in shelves and cabinets, and gain additional storage space.

 Change out your kitchen faucets. If your faucets are leaky, or just outdated, updating them can add instant elegance to your kitchen. New models can offer temperature presets, built-in resistance to hard-water buildup, and proper height for filling up pots and pans.

 Install Low-flow showerheads and toilet. Water can cost a lot, and wasting it costs even more. Switching out your old shower heads, toilets and other less-efficient water users in your home runs well under $3000, but you will start savings almost immediately. Modern low-flow shower heads use about 50% less water; you will notice the difference on your monthly water and heating bills.

 Get an Energy Audit. You can evaluate your home’s energy usage and wastage, and make suggestions for stopping any air leaks, which can add up around 30 percent of the average energy bill. Sealing air leaks, checking insulation and tuning up your heating system are home improvement projects that are great investments as they will continue to pay you back.

 Update lighting fixtures. Either indoors or outdoors, new light fixtures can brighten up your home. You consider installing dimmer switches and newer types of lighting that save energy.

 Doing home improvements with your tax refund is the best investment because it will keep paying you back for years to come.

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