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Founded in 1993, LCH is a nonprofit public benefit association that specializes in housing related issues. It is LCH's job to perform background investigations on contractors participating in various programs sponsored by the utility companies such as The Gas Company sponsored Home Energy Upgrade Financing (HEUF). The contractors listed with LCH are required to pass a rigorous background check to insure that they are credible business operators capable of providing the type of work requested. The background investigation includes the following:

  1. Proof of insurance for general liability and workers compensation insurance.
  2. The contractor must be in good standing with the CA Contractors State License Board.
  3. A satisfactory public record report received from County records
  4. Business credit is evaluated to insure that the contractor has an acceptable credit rating.
  5. Interviews of both past customers as well as trade references for the contractor are conducted in order to learn more about their business practices.

Once Approved, contractors can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Listings on the League's website 
  • Authorization to use the League’s Approved logo
  • Inclusion in customer referral listings for the general public.
  • Eligibility to offer the Home Energy Upgrade Financing program sponsored by The Gas Company.
  • Promotional materials 
  • A resource tool for their Approved Contractors - we provide updated information on new programs and laws as it is made available. 

An annual fee of $295 is required to defray the cost of both credit and public reports used in our background examination. Please note: Payment of the fee does not guarantee program "Approval."

Continuously monitored - LCH will verify general liability and workers compensation insurance policies throughout the term to ensure that they are current and in effect. We will also check monthly with the CSLB to verify that the license is current and active. 

Disclaimer: It is important to mention that while LCH has performed the best investigation possible, we cannot guarantee workmanship or materials for these contractors.

Information: In case you are interested in knowing more about LCH, please contact us. Our toll-free number is (800) 692-4663, we will be happy to help explain more about our mission and our services.

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