Thank you for dropping by to visit The League of California Homeowners (LCH.) Our association is made up of homeowners like you, who just want to find some direction to a problem or maybe ask a simple question. Homeowners are our primary support at The League. In fact, if you are a homeowner in California you can become an LCH supporter. You can know that your contribution is helping us resolve consumer / contractor disputes; assisting consumers in need of legal advice; performing background checks on contractors; and aiding senior citizens with help and advice as to their rights with regard to home improvement issues.

LCH will help any homeowner find information, research problems, and if needed legal help. We also help homeowners wind their way through government regulations. Anyone in the public arena can e-mail or call us with a question and we will attempt to find an answer.

LCH also screens contractors for the Home Energy Upgrade Finance (HEUF) program, which is sponsored by The Gas Company. HEUF is an unsecured loan program that allows utility customers to reduce their energy consumption by use of this unique program. We have more information on the site about this program so keep reading.

Again, thank you for stopping by. If you need our help in checking out the credentials of a home improvement contractor, help with understanding a proposal or contract or just anything else pertaining to housing, feel free to ask a question!

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